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Accepting PKT payments – why so long?

PKT Payments

Hi, everyone! In our English and Russian Telegram channels, we sometimes get questions about why the PKT payment launch on requires such lengthy development. Since we’ve had to stop the release countdown several times, we’ve decided to share all the details with you.

As we introduce PKT to our platform, we’ve had to redesign the architecture of the current centralized version of Playkey and transfer many existing components to the .NET Core 2.0 platform. We had to do this in order to integrate with external software, which is necessary to be able to accept PKT.  This software interacts with the global blockchain network. It goes without saying that without blockchain interaction, accepting PKT would be simply impossible. We didn’t develop this software from scratch since that would take even more time than the current approach.

We encountered unanticipated problems when switching to .NET Core 2.0. For example, the system that updates the main service components broke, which lead to unstable performance. Among those components are the component responsible for managing users’ gaming profiles and the component responsible for managing a user queue.

And due to the introduction of PKT, we had to update the mechanism for determining current active subscriptions. It turned out that under certain circumstances, users’ accounts stopped showing purchased plans.

While testing, we discovered even more small bugs. The problem is that they don’t show up 100% of the time, meaning they take longer to find and fix. Below are several of the bugs that we already fixed this week.

  • When paying for a plan with PKT, user balance didn’t change.
  • An error (not enough funds) occurs under certain conditions when purchasing a plan with PKT.
  • When purchasing extra time, the price is displayed in rubles.
    PKT Payments
  • When trying to purchase a game with PKT, payment methods aren’t displayed. Purchasing games with PKT will be done later, but paying with fiat currency is still an option.
    PKT Payments

Although these kinds of bugs are fixed fairly quickly, the sheer number of them, the difficulty of finding them, and the need to verify the fixes takes quite a bit of time. Predicting possible problems is very difficult and we don’t want to sacrifice quality. At any rate, we’re still holding out for a June release and we’ll keep you in the loop!

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