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Playkey DevLog. Issue Twenty Eight

New Year is just around the corner, the holiday mood is here, despite the bitcoin price, but the intensity of work on the Playkey decentralized platform is not decreasing!

In the previous issue we presented you with a whole series of quality tasks that we sent to testing. So, everything went according to plan. The tasks went into release, and now we are collecting data to share with you the results after the New Year holidays.

Our regular readers will certainly remember that the main threat to the quality of cloud gaming is the so-called “last mile”. It is network in the house or apartment of the user. Even with a good high-speed Internet plan, a weak WiFi router or thick walls can dampen the signal in such a way that only a few megabits reach the computer. You couldn’t play in such conditions. To help the user identify a problem or even solve it for him, we began to explore the wifi network in terms of signal strength. This will allow the most optimal configuration of the client application to ensure acceptable quality even in a “noisy” network. We will certainly share the results of the research.


wifi in the appartment

See how the WiFi signal fades as it spreads from the router around the apartment

In the meantime, a team of system administrators continues to address issues of poor performance on the servers. For example, some server disks are loaded more than they should. Because of this the Virtual Machines (VMs) that work on them cannot restart and freeze up. For the miners not to encounter these difficulties after the launch of the decentralized version, we eliminate all known problems right now.

Eliminating problems

As a dessert, we implemented a prototype of measuring the interframe interval during the capture and encoding stages (we wrote about this in detail in the last issue). We checked the prototype at the test sessions – it works! Next, we will lay out the functionality on the Playkey battle servers and collect data on the quality of all the sessions in the service. If the success of this solution is confirmed, we will implement it in a decentralized platform!

We also plan to implement the measurement of the interframe interval when rendering. But we will tell about it in the next issue!

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