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Playkey DevLog. Issue 30

New frame capture… this sounds like a true perspective! For the last working weeks of December and the beginning of January we have implemented the first version of the new image capture method. We wrote about its technical features in the previous issue.

The new capture is already running on the combat servers. Currently 64-bit games with DirectX 11 and without EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) are supported. For the time being, we are testing the feature in two games – GTA V and Fallout 4. Now we are fixing the last errors and will soon begin to roll out a new capture for other games that match the above parameters. Then we will proceed to the implementation of version 2 – with the support of 32-bit games, DirectX 9 and EAC. Thus, upon completion of the work, an improved capture technology will be used for the majority of new and old games.

The new capture technology reduces drawdowns of FPS (Frames per Second). In games, this is especially noticeable in certain places. For example, in GTA V in the courtyards the value failed to 10 FPS. Now the picture has become much smoother – see for yourself in the video below.

New capture technology provides a smoother streaming

Along with the capture, we gave the first version of the new way to display the cursor for testing. The first version is implemented only for the Windows-based client application. In the second iteration we will create it for Mac OS, but first we will release the first version, so that the current players of the platform could already enjoy. The more the ping, the stronger the difference in the behavior of the mouse cursor. After the release of the update, the players who are situated far from the servers will notice significant improvements. We’ll report about the release separately, follow the news and do not forget to put a like or thumb up, depending on where you read this text.

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