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How to check if your Internet is suitable for Playkey, or why your 100 Mbit/s are not real

“Playkey, what’s wrong?! My speed is 100 Mbit/s, still I am told in the technical support that the problem is with the Internet”, such indignations occurred to us in social networks. We tell why the tariff with a beautiful number in the title is not always an absolute guarantee of quality.

But first, pass a small test, please.

For each of the “Yes” answers, count yourself +1 (PLUS one) point, for the answer “No” – 0 points.

1. Is the speed of your Internet to a server in Moscow measured by 40 Mbit/s or more? If you do not know how to measure, read our instructions.

2. Is the speed of your Internet to a server in London measured by 40 Mbit/s or more?

3. Is the speed of your Internet to a server in Frankfurt measured by 40 Mbit/s or more?

4. Is your computer\laptop working with Playkey connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable?

5. If you use WiFi, is your WiFi router adjusted to 5 GHz?

6. Are all background downloads turned off on your or neighboring PCs, including updates, torrents, online video views?

7. Is your computer protected from viruses? Was it checked by antivirus programs less than a week ago?

For each of the answers “Yes” to the questions from the list below, count yourself a -1 (MINUS one) point, for an answer “No” – 0 points.

1. Do you play via 3G\H+\4G or another type of mobile Internet?

2. Is the WiFi Internet you play with being used by someone else on other devices in the house?

3. Are there a wall\large furniture\doors between your PC\laptop and the WiFi router?

4. Did you change the Internet tariff more than 1 year ago?

So, count your points.

+7 points: Yes, everything is all right with your Internet.

+3 – +6 points: The Internet is not bad, but for the maximum quality something needs to be improved on the Playkey. Below we tell how.

-4 – +2 points: The problem is definitely with the Internet. Please see below what needs to be done.

If you find it difficult to answer any of the questions above, read on.

There are several areas where you can find and fix problems:

  • the line from an Internet provider to your apartment (router);
  • the signal from the router to the PC;
  • a PC itself.

The line from the Internet provider to your apartment (router)

First and foremost. The stated speed of the Internet in the tariff of an Internet operator is not always the real constant speed on your PC. The figure indicated in the contract is the maximum possible speed that the operator allocates to the channel and can be achieved in ideal conditions. This is when you are the only Internet user in the house, nobody else even loads the messenger, and there is no interference in the signal path.

To see the actual speed here and now, go to the website and measure the speed to Moscow, London and Frankfurt. This is where the main Playkey servers are located.

Speedtest screen

Moreover, the tariff plans of telecom operators are updated regularly. And the second surprise can hit you when you see the cost of a new, faster rate compared to your current one. By the way, it would be better to find out more. Just call your operator and find out the maximum speed for your tariff and the cost of the faster ones. You can also find this information in the subscriber’s personal account on the operator’s website.

We also remind you that any mobile Internet is absolutely not suitable for high-quality gameplay through the cloud gaming service.


The signal from a router to PC

The Internet signal inevitably suffers losses on the “last mile”, i.e. on the way to your PC inside the apartment or house. The best option, if you alone use the Internet, is to connect your PC directly via an Ethernet cable which looks like this:Internet cable

However, not all notebook models have such a connector at all (hi there to the MacBook owners!). Today, most of the apartments have a WiFi router, which looks like this:


Internet router

It is installed somewhere near the entrance door to the joy of all house members. And sometimes sharp-witted neighbors, especially if the password is the name of your dog, which you shout out every morning during a walk.


The usage of the WiFi router has three nuances.

Firstly, if not only you use the signal from the router, then you end up with “less Internet”.

Secondly, most devices interact with the Internet at 2.4 GHz. A lot of wireless devices, including Bluetooth mice and headsets, work on the same frequency. And even the operational microwave clogs the frequency of 2.4 GHz. Dump, not the frequency! The ideal way out is to connect to WiFi at 5 GHz. Make sure that both the router and your PC support this frequency. How to do this is described in detail in our article.

Thirdly, you probably noticed that the Internet signal in the kitchen is weaker, stronger in the hallway, and in the bedroom, it catches only on a certain corner of the bed? This is because the signal from the router inevitably fades on its way to you when it reflects from the ceiling and encounters with walls, notorious microwaves (that’s where the evil is!), iron doors and large furniture (say, a weapon’s safe). Try to use the Internet in the “line of sight” of the router. It is not necessary to play on the rug under the door, but it’s still worth minimizing the obstacles.

wifi in the appartment

See how the WiFi signal fades as it spreads from the router throughout the apartment


A PC itself

The speed is measured, the cable is plugged into the computer, but the ideal is not achieved? Make life easier for the computer and focus all its attention only on the game. Well, really, you want to play already, but it is not on your team!

Turn off all downloads. Everything. Totally. System updates. And torrents. And online videos on pause in the next tab. To be on the safe side, and close the tabs themselves too – it all reduces the performance and “eats the Internet”. Like a packman.

Well, and, of course, do not neglect safety! The Internet is like sex: it gives a lot of pleasure but threatens with viruses. Use a quality antivirus and scan your computer weekly, so that nothing would distract you from virtual adventures.

witcher 3


8 thoughts on “How to check if your Internet is suitable for Playkey, or why your 100 Mbit/s are not real

  1. duh_skorpiona

    а вы дорогие наши разработчики подружите свой клиент пожалуйста с антивирусами уже, что бы те же антивирусы которыми вы советуете сканировать пк раз в неделю, не становились препятствием в игре вашему клиенту.
    Есть смысл тогда и ключ купить к Касперскому тогда или доктор веб зная что тот не навредит игре на вашем сервисе и не вызовет разрыв.

    1. Anna Lapshina Post author

      Для решения этой проблемы, пожалуйста, добавьте Playkey клиент в список исключений антивируса.
      Подробнее о совместимости Плейки с антивирусами можно прочитать в короткой статье в Базе Знаний Техподдержки

  2. Сергей

    Не понятны несколько критериев оценки влияния интернета. Пожалуйста, объясните их.

    1. Не понятно, почему предлагается измерять скорость до серверов в Лондоне и франкфурте. Проблема того, что компания не может обеспечить достаточно серверных мощностей в Москве (сложности с покупкой тли арендой железа/экономия) необоснованно перекладывать на плечи пользователей. С технической точки зрения крайне нерационально располагать дата центры так далеко от конечных пользователей. Тем более для сервисов, требующих высокой пропускной способности канала и низкой latency. Почему же этот пункт добавили в тест? Возможно его стоит вычеркнуть и решать вопрос силами компании?

    2. Как дата последнего изменения тарифа подключения к интернету должна повлиять на качество интернет соединения? В статье нет обоснований. Вы хотите сказать, что старые тарифы не имеют достаточной скорости? Ну так стоит предьявить требования к скорости и/или задержке сигнала. Или Вы имели в виду что-то другое?

    При таком подходе подавляющее большинство не наберёт 7/7, что «должно снять подозрения с качества сервиса playkey». Но этот тест скорее выглядит вводящим в заблуждение и обманывающим пользователей.
    Пожалуйста, прокомментируйте мои вопросы.

  3. Давид

    Здравствуйте! У меня у одного такая проблема? Интернет соединение по Wi-Fi на 5ГГц! Скорость ко всем точкам, указанным выше в тесте, доходит до 100 мб/с! И с этим я получаю замыленное изображение! По обещаниям я получаю картинку в 1080р но на вид 480р-720р!
    Идея проэкта очень хорошая, однако хотелось бы видеть качественнее картинку!

    Спасибо за старания и работу над проэктом!

    1. Мария Хусаинова

      Здравствуйте! По идее, должно работать. 5 ГГц – это хорошо. Но в требованиях неоднократно упоминается, что крайне желательно использовать проводное соединение.

      За пожелания огромное спасибо! Передадим разработчикам!

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