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Playkey Developer Log. Week One

In 2018, after the ICO the Playkey team starts developing a decentralised platform. Short entries from the developer will allow you to stay up to date. You’re reading the first entry of developer log right now.

Development began in January 2018. To date, the first version of the new platform’s architecture design has been completed. The architecture will be tested and improved on Playkey infrastructure servers. To start, work is underway on a feature that will provide remote game control, one of many features in the architecture.

A list of tests was compiled in order to check the following capabilities of the designed system:

  • Capture and encode video and sound with the desired quality and performance. This will make the product more stable than the existing centralized version. For example, it’ll be easier to integrate with anti-cheat programs.
  • Transition the control to an operating system. This will enable the use of overlay functionality (an interface that works on top of the game) from launch programs. For example, the Steam overlay will work without disruptions and will include all other functionality, like achievements.
  • Automate virtual machine control through KVM. This function will protect controlling software from user intervention. For example, no one will be able to hack in and play for free.

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