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Playkey Developer Log. Issue Fifteen

Playkey Devlog Issue 15

Summer in our latitudes has arrived, with a thick layer of green leaves, troublesome dust—and good news from the developers. As you may have already read on our Telegram channel, we’ve finished all the main work on accepting PKT for payment on and moved on to testing. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet our ideal goal of checking it all in a week. But we’ll try to manage it by the middle of June. Now for more details.

Vladimir Kosov’s team has implemented the following in the last two weeks:

  •   Subscription payments in PKT from the user’s balance, as described in our last issue;
  •   Automatic updating of the PKT exchange rate for displaying the subscription cost in the user’s currency. The PKT exchange rate comes from the CoinMarketCap service. For now, we’ve decided to use a fixed plan fee in PKT and display an estimated subscription cost in fiat currency;
  •  Displaying the subscription cost in PKT.

Just a video of Total War Saga running on Playkey to show how perfectly well our streaming technology works.

At the same time, Alexei Pronichev’s team worked on improving the game server’s logs. The guys linked the server logs with the user session logs. It’s reasonable to wonder: why? The thing is, before the user starts playing, the server is already loaded and the server logs are already being written, but they are not linked to the ID of the current session. This makes it difficult to analyze the session if the user runs into problems. So now the server logs are linked to the ID of the user launching the session. Bingo!

Kirill Chernikov’s team improved the video streaming algorithm by increasing the useful bitrate by 2 Mbps online without loss. This means that now the algorithm adjusts for users with a good internet connection and does not add the superfluous frames that are used when the connection is bad.


At first we thought we’d show you server log screens … But come on—Wolfenstein II gameplay on Playkey is far more entertaining.

Also, Kirill and his team developed a tool for analyzing session quality using logs, which tracks bitrate drops and FPS lag. Based on the data received, the analyzer generates a report that can be used to track session quality. Then the team can perform additional research on the video streaming protocol and improve the necessary algorithms and therefore the quality of play through Playkey.

Our further plans include a new stage of desktop testing (we’ve previously written about what this is and what it’s for), work to improve video stream quality, and of course, the launch of PKT payments on Subscribe to our Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter (buttons below) to be the first to find out about the launch.

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