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Playkey DevLog. Issue Seventeen

Playkey Devlog Issue Seventeen

Well, we finally did it. If you’re reading these lines, it means the first players are already buying their subscriptions for tokens on PKT is now being used in a real working product. Please remember that payment with tokens works for daily and monthly plans and is available to logged-in users. You can take a look, for example, at If you are on the site for the first time and are automatically redirected to the newcomer page, just click on the Playkey logo to return to the main site.

Now PKT can be chosen as a payment method.

Apart from testing and preparing for the release of PKT in the last two weeks, we’ve solved the problem of instability on the game servers, which we wrote about in our last issue. It helped that we updated our hypervisor, the server program responsible for managing the virtual machines. The problem is not recurring with the new software — new load testing confirmed this.

Another important event is the test launch of Desktop for Desktop is a key component of the decentralized version of Playkey, which we spoke about in detail in issue 12. Currently only GTA V can be launched through it in the version of the platform for players from the CIS. Servers that work on this technology use GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and GeForce GTX 1080. These are the same graphics cards that are sold on the high street. This means we’ve taken a first and important step toward decentralization. Using cards that you can buy from any retailer means that anyone who wants to be a miner in the decentralized ecosystem can become one.

Playing GTA V via Desktop …

And finally, the last piece of awesome news for this issue. We’ve started working on support for the H.265 codec. It allows you to get a higher quality image with lower data transmission rate. For miners and players, this is an obvious advantage. The less the load on the network, the fewer problems can arise and the higher the quality. Previously only the H.264 codec was supported on the platform, but after some research, we found that the proportion of users whose hardware supports H.265 decoding is growing significantly.

The development was split into two stages: preparing infrastructure for H.265 support and implementing the codec. Currently we’re finishing the first stage. We’ll let you know how our development progresses in the next issue.

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