Playkey Developer Log. Issue Thirteen

Playkey Devlog Issue 13

In our last issue we told you what we had left to do to launch PKT on the current version of No sooner said than done! Not everything, of course, but we’re on schedule to hit the initial target of “by the end of May.”

Over the last couple of weeks Vladimir Kosov’s team has been designing a database model to store user PKT balances. And they’ve begun to develop a new service, which will ensure…

  • monitoring of inbound transactions
  • publication of unique smart contracts that can receive PKT from users
  • collection of tokens from these contracts.

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Maksim Vladykin has now finished the download of user profiles (save files and game settings) from the server before the launch of a game. He has started work on the upload of saves after ending a game. Don’t forget that all these tedious-to-describe functions are essential for a sound game, to be able to save and reload your profile when you return to Playkey.

We have also completed disconnection on inactivity, so that you are not paying for playing time when you have just forgotten to log off.

The honorary title of biggest pain in the neck of the week (or two) goes to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. The work on configuring and debugging these cards for use in a decentralized infrastructure shredded a lot of nerves. At least the cards survived. The difficulty is that “desktop” graphics cards (which is what the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is classed as) do not work without a monitor connected to the server, i.e. instead of the game you get… a black screen. Meanwhile, “server” cards (for example, NVIDIA Tesla M60 and NVIDIA GRID M40) work correctly, as they are not linked to a monitor in principle and do not physically have any output on them. We have come up with several possible ways to resolve this, but have not yet decided which is the best. We will take an extra week for experimentation, as this is such an important issue. We understand that the majority of miners will be using desktop graphics cards.
Nvidia Graphics

NVIDIA Tesla M60 server graphics card without monitor output. And the desktop NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with output, damn it!

We’ll let you know in the next issue what the outcome is. And of course we’ll share the latest news on PKT, since release is just around the corner. See you soon!

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One thought on “Playkey Developer Log. Issue Thirteen

  1. Павел Котов

    Очень надеюсь, что найдёте решение проблем со стандартными видеокартами, ведь серверные решения намного дороже, да и вычислениями, как я знаю, направленны в другую сторону, из-за чего карточка больше простаивает, хотя возможно с новыми картами, такими как M60, ситуация изменилась.

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