Playkey Developer Log. Week Seven

Playkey DevLog. Week Seven

Greetings! Week seven is behind us, and with it many hours of working on speeding up video transfer rate from virtual machine (VM) to client. We would like to remind you that the VM is the virtual computer that you rent for gaming (we wrote about this last week). The higher the video transfer rate, the less lag you experience during gameplay and the more frames can be transmitted in the same time period (this is FPS, or frames per second). Since video transfer quality is one of our main priorities, we conducted several new studies, performed additional tests, and started adjusting VM settings accordingly. It’s played rather cool already. See for yourself!

While Vladimir Ryabov’s team was speeding up video streaming, Maksim Vladykin realized gamepad support in the decentralized version of Playkey. Yes, the current centralized platform (which you can already enjoy if you’re in Europe) supports gamepads. However, the functionality had to be adapted to the new architecture.

This is Playkey gamepad but the platform supports third-party devices. We work with Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad for Windows during tests and optimization.

Finally, we automated Playkey software deployment on servers. This reduced release times by 20%! We also didn’t forget about automatic updates for miners, so they won’t have to worry about whether or not their software is up-to-date.

Next week, we will complete the remaining tasks regarding the automating of server software updates, as well as begin working on optimizing control commands transfer. Stay with us!  

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3 thoughts on “Playkey Developer Log. Week Seven

  1. сергей

    классный геймпад формой правда геймпад от x-box 360 напоминает сильно но ради полной совместимости с играми и будущей вертуальной арендой пк я бы приобрел бф

  2. Николай

    Славься Максим Владыкин, спасибо за поддержку геймпада xbox one, в сочетании с 40″ порой я забываю, что играю на пк)))))) дайте виброотдачи, о курках я заикаться не смею, но виброотдача бы дала возможность погрузиться в атмосферу “тру” консольного гейминга!)))) очень ждем, всех благ, здоровья и успехов всей команде PLAYKEY!!!!!!!!! третий месяц ваш довольный клиент с увжением НикоЛАй!!!!

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