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All you wanted to know about Playkey gaming strategy: GamesCom-2014 interview

The last week was a hard one for the Playkey team, which was at the heart of the global gaming industry events – the GamesCom-2014 exhibition in Cologne. Pretty soon you will see what arrangements we have achieved in negotiations with the world’s leading game publishers. In the meantime, we’ll talk about the most important thing for our users, according to numerous reviews and comments – namely, about the games. Vadim Andreev, Playkey gaming strategy Director, answered on the most frequently asked questions in our blog:

– How do you select games for Playkey?

– First of all, we choose games that can be played with a gamepad. This is important, because in the near future, we will launch a low-cost console PlaykeyBox, with which you can play games from your TV, and our main advantage is cross-platform gaming. That means you can start playing in one place on your PC or Mac, and continue at home watching TV on the big screen. To date, we have learned how to run PC-games, so we choose titles that are available for PC with the ability to control with a gamepad. Of course, we aim to work with all the leading game publishers. We are already in cooperation with such giants as Ubisoft, CAPCOM, SEGA, Electronic Arts, Wargaming, etc..


Vadim Andreev, Playkey gaming strategy Director – at GamesCom-2014 

– What games will be available at this year?

– You can already play in the test mode such games as World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, War Thunder, Street Fighter x Tekken, Alpha Protocol, Batman .. Soon we’ll add Allods Online. Until the end of this year we also plan to add last parts of Assassin’s Creed, some Sonic games and others. I will not open all the secrets, but our users will be pleasantly surprised.

– What about racing and sport simulators?

– We believe that these are the best games to play with gamepad. We already have in our catalog Moto GP, WRC, Mud Motocross. Among sport simulators we have NBA 2k13. This fall, you will see the releases of some racing games at the same time with other gaming platforms. We also hope that by the end of the year we’ll get the rights to such simulators from Electronis Arts as Need for Speed ​​and FIFA.

– What about casual games?

– Casual games are very popular in Russia and all over the world. For our service Playkey, we select the most popular in the world. For example, we have Last Knight and Rochard. In the near future we plan to add Treasures of Montessuma, Voodoo Chronicles and others. And, of course, the number of casual games will grow.

– Will you add strategies?

–  Certainly. However, strategies rarely support a gamepad, so this type of games doesn’t quite fit into the concept “Play it everywhere!». And initially it wasn’t a priority for us. But we have many requests from users for these games, which means that strategies will appeare at in the near future.

– Now you have about 50 games in your catalog, what are your plans before the end of this?

– By the end of the year we aim to achieve a mark of 100-120 games. We add new games once in 2 weeks. Announcements of games that will be added are usually placed in our groups in social networks and blog. Follow our news on Vkontakte and Facebook and you will be aware of everything that is happening at Playkey.

– Speaking of social networks .. People, which are involved in Playkey testing, give you feed-back on the games that they would like to be added. Do you take this information into account while selecting games?

– Everyone can take part in creation of Playkey. We closely follow the user comments, try to give an answer to every review. Unfortunately we don’t always have time to reply to all, because testing involves thousands of gamers across the country. And, of course, everyone has their own preferences in terms of games. We fill the so-called wish-list with the most popular requests and adjust our gaming strategy according to this list.

– When the service will become commercial? What will be the price? 

– In September, we will launch in commerce our new website, which will be more comfortable and attractive for users. Monthly subscription will be about 10-12$, and there will also be a premium-service, which will include Free to play games. In addition, users will be able to buy games for the same price as in the stores.

– Will there be any free games after the service will be launched in commerce?

– We do our best to leave some free games, in addition, there will be a free 30-minute trial to every game.

– What are your impressions from GamesCom this year? What was the most impressive?

– I’m glad that game publishers are interested in our cloud solution. Soon you will see the results. I managed to get in a closed presentation of Electronic Arts, and what i liked most is Battlefield HardLine. We’ll do our best to have such games in our catalog!