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Playkey presentation in Moscow attracted game industry leaders and media

018 CNews 04.06.2013

Playkey has presented the innovative cloud gaming service that is unique for the Russian gaming sphere. With Playkey it is possible to play best games of leading world publishers on any device that is connected to the Internet.

The unique character of Playkey gaming technology allows to launch a game in the cloud, the network of remote Playkey data centers and to translate to a user a video stream in 5-10 Mbps. that can be supported by most Russian providers. The app functions on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. Playkey uses NVIDIA GRID that helps it to provide high transfer rate of stream graphic and the best quality of graphic.

“Playkey has no analogues in Russia, – said Egor Gurjev, founder and CEO at Playkey. – This solution is a key to unlimited opportunities both for gamers and gaming content suppliers.” Playkey makes it easier for users to get access to favourite games. It helps them to avoid the necessity to buy special gaming devices, not to spend much time downloading and installing a game or updating it.

026 CNews 04.06.2013

A user has access to the collection of games including the hits of gaming industry at a price of monthly subscription. The price for a month of subscription is comparable to a price of one game but at the same time a user gets access to a huge collection of games.

«Games should be available for any category of users on any devices including TV screens. The need to spend much money for buying and upgrading special gaming devices is a serious obstacle for the users who play from time to time and not ready to invest in hardware, – explains Egor Gurjev.

Playkey solution can be used on TV–tuners if a user has a TV set and a gamepad.  This year Playkey will be integrated into second generation set-top box. «Being a leading innovative company is the first Russian ISP that will offer its clients such unique service on TV-tuner. Users will get more than 100 games including such games as Batman: Arkham Origins, Asassin’s Creed, WRC 3, Remembe me, Air Conflicts, Jagged Aliance and many others” – said Oleg Kulakov,  the Head of Product Development Department at

053 CNews 04.06.2013

The popularity of cloud gaming is growing worldwide. “Cloud technologies have already become the main way for getting such content as video and music. Thanks to NVIDIA GRID technology high performance games are also available in the cloud, – said Dmitry Konyagin, the head of Professional Solutions Department at NVIDIA Russia. – With the launch of Playkey Russia becomes one of the countries where the latest gaming technologies are already available to the users».

074 CNews 04.06.2013

According to Newzoostatistics (December 2013), the amount of active gamers in Russia equals 46.4 mln – it means that every third person in Russia plays games.  According to Group statement «Games market in Russia», the majority of active players are in the age from 18 to 36, while the age of most active players in online games industry is 33.

45% of players are married, 58% have children. The statement says that “Russian games market plays an important role in the entertainment industry”.