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Some insides about Playkey fans activities from Playkey CEO

Photo_2Hi! my name is Egor, I am CEO of Playkey and today I will show you some data about our results of our cloud gaming service. We get this data from our free trial period gamers’ activity on web site. I wrote this article myself with the help of our technical team to show you what we have and in which direction we plan to develop Playkey service.

We have launched a free Trial service on our web site in January 2014. Everyone from the web can access our cloud gaming platform and test how streaming technology  works. We don’t have servers worldwide, most of them are in Russia, but anyway we think we have acquired very important experience.

We have excluded all our internal data – sessions of our team developers used for test purposes. So let’s take a look what we have got.

Horizontal axis displays every week, starting from 1 January till the end of the July. We use 1 week step, because every week we analyze our data at our team meetings. These are our first analytics, but we plan to disclose more and more in the future.

Before we start with the data, I would also like to announce that we have started the development of a Playkey gaming console that we plan to launch next year. It will be a small box with all our games and an ability to play them on a big screen of your TV. Gamepad will be inside the package, so you will need just to plug Playkey box to the TV with HDMI and start enjoying great games.


Just follow us and we will inform you about the process of it’s development.

So about our data…

1. Games

First of all take a look at our games integration dynamics. We have started our service with just 5 games and were adding new games every month. Adding games is a complex task, we have to develop special software modules to launch game in the cloud. But more and more games we add, more and more modules we develop, so the speed of launching new games in the cloud increases every month. You can notice it on a graph below, after the 25 week we have a burst in adding new games.


Graph 1 – Total available games

Right now we have 37 games integrated into Playkey cloud technology, and more and more appear every month. We plan to finish this year with no less that 80 games, we even focused to make 100.

2. Unique sessions 

Session – is a unique gaming process, when user launches any game in our cloud, we log his gaming process data, analyze gaming time, bugs he experiences, latency and picture quality.  Amount of sessions is very important for us, the more sessions we have, the more games are played and the more happier we are. We are focused on developing our application for you and the more games you play, the more we increase our feeling that we are developing our service in a right way.


Graph 2 – Unique sessions

After 20th week, you see a high burst of gaming sessions, that was the result of our press conference in Digital October in Moscow. We even were not ready for such a “Boom!” and spend several nights to optimize manually our platform to provide service for all users. Currently we also see high demand from our fans, we think this is because new games appear and more and more news about our service press spreads out. We are very happy to receive good feedback from our fans and users, so keep them going!

3. Unique users 

On a next graph, you can see comparison of unique users and unique sessions. You see that in a period of our press conference activities 20-25 week, we had less sessions per user that nowadays. That means for us, that our fans started to play more and they become more loyal to Playkey. The red line is unique users and blue one – is unique sessions.


Graph 3 – Unique users and sessions

Each user is very important for us, we count everybody and i am so happy to announce that each month we get more and more fans. Our main mission becomes to support them all, help them with registration and service installation. In August 2014 we will deploy 10 more servers, this will give Playkey an ability to support more and more concurrent users.

4. Playing time

This graph shows the time, when you and your neighbors play free demo on The peak consumption is about 8% of total sessions, what is pretty good news. This data is very important for us, what means we need less servers to support all our fans demand due to uniform distribution.


Graph 4 – Playing time

The rush time is 16:00 and less players we have from 2 to 7 o’clock. We are thinking about to give “night” gamers more discounts and special offers further.

5. Popular games 

The last graph I would like to show you – is your games interest. We have count the amount of sessions played with the specific game, and the most popular games among 37 total games are:

  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Remember Me
  • Far Cry
  • Fallout 2


Graph 5 – Popular games

We are focused to make all popular titles available through cloud gaming service, we are in a process of negotiation with publishers and hope that games from Ubi Soft, 2K, Capcom, Activizion and others will appear in Playkey catalogue. While we are working hard, you could help us by testing the games that are available right now. If you see some bugs, please email us at

In the end, I would like to say thanks to all our fans. Your support is very important for us! Your emails with feedback and ideas give us additional motivation to produce more and more features in Playkey cloud gaming solution. Stay in a cloud!

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